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Sudan Hay For Sale Near Me

Sudan hay for sale near me. Sudan Grass for sale, Sorghum Sudanense, is a warm season annual grass that is adaptive to the dry, arid growing conditions in the southwestern United States during the spring and summer seasons. Sudan Grass has become a very popular crop in the Imperial Valley region of California. Sudan is planted in the spring and early summer months and harvested from June through September.

Sudan hay for sale near me is typically harvested two times per season and is exported throughout Asia for both dairy and beef With good growing practices sudan will produce a fine stem, soft textured grass hay with a high leaf-to-stem ratio. The first cutting of sudan typically produces the finest stem product and the later cuttings will have coarser stem. Sudan Grass is a high-quality, long fiber grass hay that can be fed directly to cattle or as part of a mixed ration. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber that provides active rumen stimulation

Sudan Grass / Top Quality Sudan Hay for Sale near Me

Sudan grass: (Sorghum bicolor subspecies drummondii), is a species of grass raised for grain, native to tropical and subtropical regions of Eastern Africa. The plant is cultivated in Southern Europe, South America, Central America, North America and Southern Asia, for forage or as a cover crop, which grows well in hot climates.

The main growing areas in the U.S. are California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

One of the main producers for export is the Imperial Valley of California.

According to the University of Arizona College of Agriculture, Japanese buyers, the largest block of customers for Sudan hay, want dust-free hay bales with a bleached, light green color and a stem diameter less than one-quarter of an inch.

The Japanese, generally, prefer Sudan grass hay that resembles their familiar rice straw hay.

Kittitas Valley growers also indicate Japanese buyers like a pale-green color, nearly bleached-looking, and thin stems.


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