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# Timothy hay for sale near me is a popular type of forage for horses and other animals because it is rich in nutrients and easy to digest. The high fiber content of timothy hay helps keep horses’ digestive systems healthy and can also help prevent colic. It is also a good source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, potassium, and calcium. These nutrients are essential for the overall health of small herbivores. So if you’re looking for nutritious, delicious, and affordable hay for your small animal, timothy hay for sale near me is a great option.

Timothy’s high fiber and roughage content, and lower protein levels make it an excellent source of nutrition for horses, cattle and dairy cows. Timothy is highly digestible and very popular hay fed by top horse owners and equine facilities. Our Timothy hay is the only USDA-certified organic Timothy Hay on the market for small pets – offering the very best farm-to-feed hay in every box. Each crop is grown in the Pacific Northwest, producing the highest quality organic forage.

The result? High fiber grass hay with relatively low protein content, is well-suited for promoting a healthy digestive system. Especially when given unlimited access to our fresh hay, bunnies and other small pets will enjoy its full benefits, including a natural way to wear down their teeth and maintain a healthy digestive system.

Harvested at an early growth stage, our organic first-cutting Timothy hay for sale near me is unparalleled in both freshness and taste. In it, you and your pet will find a coarser texture made up of thicker stems and abundant timothy seed heads. Due to its nutritional combination of high fiber, low protein, and low fat, it’s the top recommended choice for small pets who love to snack.

Top Quality Timothy Hay for Sale Near Me- Timothy Grass for Sale – (Cultivation and Uses)

Timothy hay for sale near me was unintentionally introduced to North America by early settlers, and was first described in 1711 by John Hurd from plants growing in New Hampshire. Hurd named the grass “hurd grass” but a farmer named Timothy Hanson began to promote cultivation of it as a hay about 1720, and the grass has been known by its present name since then. Timothy has now become naturalized throughout most of the US and Canada.

It is commonly grown for cattle feed and, in particular, as hay for horses. It is relatively high in fibre, especially when cut late. It is considered a harsh, coarse grass little relished by livestock if cut earlier. It is considered part of the standard mix for grass hay and provides quality nutrition for horses.

Timothy hay for sale near me is a staple food for domestic pet rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and degus, often making up the bulk of their diet. Timothy hay for sale near me is rich in long fibre and its abrasive texture helps to grind down the teeth, keeping both the teeth and jaw in good order.

Some caterpillars use it as a food plant, e.g. the Essex skipper (Thymelicus lineola) and the marbled white (Melanargia galathea). It also grows in roadsides and abandoned fields but generally requires nutrient-rich soils.

Its pollen is a common allergen; it has recently been used in small amounts as part of a new hay fever vaccine Grazax, which is designed to recondition the body’s immune system so it no longer responds to pollen. Timothy hay for sale near me.

Plants persist through the winter. Dead, straw-colored flowering stems may persist, but only for a short time, and are recognized by the distinctive spike-like inflorescence. We also have Alfalfa hay for sale with good prices and great quality.

Price: $250/MT (Minimum Order 25 ton = 1×40’HC container)


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